Our First Unimog Adventure!

(from Eddie Runner's site)

 Patrick and I took our New Unimogs out to Spring Creek on July 4th 1997!
We were really dying to see how our Mogs would perform offroad. We were very impressed with their performance in the mud, due to the high ground clearance.

Eddie negotiating a very steep off camber downhill.
Patrick chugging his way across the sand (or trying to)


Water crossings went fine but the Mog had a tough time with the sand dunes. Those lousy skinny military tires!

Allan got his red Hummer stuck in the big mud hole! You can tell it is deep as you see him climbing out the window of his truck...My Mog pulled him out. The mud pit was extra nasty this day and only my Unimog and my Hummer (super swampers) made it through!

Patrick did manage to get his Mog sucked down in the quicksand in the middle of the creek... but we had a great time!


Patrick's Misc. Unimog Photos

    The first photo of my new Unimog.  The police pulled me over as soon as I hit the street.

    Various stages of my 1964 404.1 Mercedes Unimog.