May 26 - 29, 2000

    The Houston Land Rover Club invited a few Hummers to join them for their Memorial Day Weekend trip.   From the Houston area we had the David Benditz family (Red OT), the Chad Cochener family (Red OT), and John Lammons (Black OT).    From the Dallas area we had Gary Vaughn (Blue Wagon), John Rader & sons (White Wagon), Cory Green & wife (Red OT), and the Dan Webster family (White Wagon).

     These photos are only from the first few hours of Saturday.  It rained on us during the rest of the day.

  HS-ParkSign.jpg (44333 bytes)     HS-NoTresspass.jpg (37031 bytes)     HS-P&C.jpg (37250 bytes)     HS-JLTire.jpg (35817 bytes)    

HS-V&WH.jpg (19041 bytes)     HS-GVH.jpg (15193 bytes)     HS-Trail.jpg (16486 bytes)     HS-CJG.jpg (17990 bytes)

  HS-P&V.jpg (44210 bytes)     HS-ClintonSux.jpg (47405 bytes)

      A dog and his boy.   This is Helio the Pit Bull and his driver John Lammons.  Helio grew bored and began to swing from the trees.

    HS-H&J.jpg (25132 bytes)          HS-Helio.jpg (21466 bytes)


   Click below to see the Houston Land Rover Club in action.  Thank you Alan & Mimi Dobbs for planning and leading the trip!