Big Bend National Park      

April 28th - May 1, 2000 

     We spent some time in the small town of Marfa, Texas.  I'm parked near the viewing area for their famous phenomenon known as the Marfa Lights.   In the next photo, you can see James Dean's "Little Reata" sign post and windmill from his final movie Giant.    I'm souvenir hunting in the third photo.

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    The next shots are of our journey throughout Big Bend Park.

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    We had to drive fast to keep up with the always honeymooning Eddie and Suzanne Runner. (left photo)     Victoria and I are soaking up the sights in the next three shots.

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    On the way home we drove through the ghost town of Terlingua, Texas.    We also swung through Langtry, Texas and visited Judge Roy Bean's Jersey Lilly Saloon.    The last photo is in the Alamo Village near Bracketville.  Over 75 movies including John Wayne's The Alamo (1959)  were filmed here.   While we were visiting, they were shooting a new movie called Jericho.

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